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Cloud Hosting Providers for E-Commerce: Compare Scalability, Durability, Features, and Prices

Cloud Hosting Providers for E-Commerce
Saurabh Dhariwal

9 min read

There are several decisions one has to make while launching their e-commerce business online. However, one of the most important ones will always remain choosing which web host platform to use. This basically impacts every facet of how your business performs, virtually at least. Factors like how fast it can work, how secure the e-commerce website is and also how easy it is to manage. All of these and so much more are determined by the hosting provider that is used.  Now, the problem here remains to be this? It gets really tricky to choose the right one. 

One of the solutions here is to have a cloud hosting service for your e-commerce website. This is a great hosting solution for websites of all sizes. It is a modern hosting service that tends to distribute content all across the network rather than just depending on a single server. E-commerce cloud hosting offers a lot of advantages of its own like scalability, this enables the websites to quickly add resources such as Storage, RAM and bandwidth if needed. Unlike traditional hosting services, here one does not have to worry about server downtime.

There are many cloud hosting options that one can choose from in and around them. WeWP is also one of them. But before you choose the provider, let us understand what cloud hosting for ecommerce websites is, factors to consider while choosing the same and finally how to choose the best cloud hosting provider for one’s ecommerce website.

Understanding Cloud Hosting for ECommerce

Cloud hosting happens to be the future of ecommerce. Businesses that want to stay in the forefront of competition in their field might seriously want to consider having cloud hosting providers for their ecommerce hosting. Cloud hosting is nothing but using virtual servers to host online stores. It has benefits of its own to offer like flexibility, scalability and also reliability, all of these ensure that websites can handle heavy traffic and also large numbers of transactions without having to worry about downtime. 

Cloud hosting providers have services to offer such as security services, automatic backups, and global content delivery networks (CDN’s). These services tend to increase website protection and also enhance data protection as well.  Another added advantage of this type of hosting is that it is very cost effective. This allows the ecommerce business to pay only for what resources they use. Having the right cloud hosting solution for one’s e-commerce website is vital at this time. WeWP can also provide cloud hosting services for e-commerce websites.

Important Factors that You must Consider When Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider

Choosing the correct cloud hosting provider is a critical decision that must be made for any ecommerce hosting when one opts to shift his business online. There are  several factors that are to be considered while choosing the perfect cloud hosting provider to suit one’s needs. Here are some key factors for the same. 

  1. Scalability 

This is one of the crucial factors that has to be considered while choosing a cloud hosting provider. This factor allows you to adjust your cloud resources as per your website’s needs. Being able to scale up ensures that the website is able to handle increased traffic and future growth without hampering its performance. This also makes it cost effective because one can decide and allocate if fewer or more resources are needed and have to only pay for what is used. 

  1. Security Measures

It is essential that the cloud hosting providers used for your ecommerce website have strong security measures to protect the website and the data in it. It is better  to choose a web hosting platform with excellent security measures like SSL Certificates, malware scanning and so on. Additionally, it is also crucial to understand the provider’s incident response incase of a security breach or any other similar disaster. 

  1.  Cost Efficiency

Having a cloud hosting provider is definitely cost effective. But one has to understand the pricing and the fees before choosing a provider. Some of them have a pay-as-go-model, while others have a fixed or a hybrid pricing. It is advised to compare multiple providers and check on what is included, such as maintenance fees. One should consider any long-term contracts or commitments and potential price changes upfront to make an informed decision that fits your budget. 

  1. Reliability and Uptime

Another crucial factor to consider is choosing a cloud host provider with proven uptime and reliable infrastructure to minimize downtime. Look for a hosting service with strong infrastructure, redundant systems and also make sure to research their history of outrages. The speed and performance of the systems also need to be considered. Cloud hosting service providers must ensure that the website is available whenever needed. 

How to Choose the Right Cloud Hosting Provider 

While choosing a cloud hosting service, there is no fixed rule to determine one hosting service for all organizations. The evaluation criterion used will be unique to each organization. However, there are some common areas of focus that can be considered while choosing a cloud web hosting provider. They are as follows –

  1. Certifications and Standards

Providers that comply with recognised standards and quality frameworks usually demonstrate  an adherence to industry’s best standards and practices. While standards may not determine completely as to which service provider you choose, this can be very helpful in shortlisting potential suppliers. 

  1. Technologies used 

It is important to make sure that the provider’s platform and preferred technologies align and support your current cloud objectives. Does the provider’s standards, architectures and service suit your preferences? Many service providers offer migration services and even offer assistance in planning and assessment phases. Ensure that you have a good understanding of this and map the same against the project tasks. 

  1. Information security

It is important to assess the cloud provider’s level of data and security measures it has to offer. It is also vital for it to support your own security policy and processes. Ensure user activity and access both are auditable by all routes and get clarity on security roles and responsibilities as laid out in the policy documentation. 

  1. Customer Support

Last but not the least, make sure to evaluate the customer support of the provider. It is typically advised to choose a provider that has 24/7 customer support and multiple communication channels.Check for their reviews online. Knowledgeable and responsive support staff can provide support and help resolve technical issues promptly and provide guidance if needed. Having a managed hosting provider is beneficial. 

Comparison of Top Cloud Hosting Providers

Deciding on the best cloud hosting provider is a significant step for anyone who plans to bring their business online. To assist you in making the correct choice, here are the leading cloud hosting providers.

  1. WeWP

WeWP is the top-managed WordPress cloud hosting provider offering monthly and annual plans. WeWP offers WordPress management services suited for individuals, agencies, and enterprises and respectively start from $10, $30, and $65 monthly. WeWP also provides 30 days free along with each of these plans. This is best for websites of all sizes, startups, and ecommerce websites.  The distinct features of WeWP is that they have an extensive range of data centers. So, businesses and website owners can enjoy global website reach without hassle.

  1. Hostinger

The notable features of this are scalable hosting services to accommodate website growth, high-performance servers and SSD Storage for fast-loading services. They also provide 24/7 customer support services.Pricing for this starts at 699/- per month. 

  1. Siteground

This a good choice for small to medium scaled businesses and also WordPress websites. This is also a viable option for WordPress hosting company.The pricing of this starts at 100$ per month. The distinct features of this service provider is that it has scalable resources, it has advanced caching technology and also provides 24/7 customer support.

  1. DreamHost

This is the best provider for bloggers and small businesses. The pricing of this mainly depends on the usage. The distinct features of this is that they provide DreamObjects Storage Space, Custom Control Panel and SSD Storage for enhanced data protection. 

  1. Vultr

This is best for developers and businesses. This can also be a viable option for WordPress WooCommerce hosting for WordPress developers. The pricing of it starts at 2.50$ per month. The key features of this include having scalable compute instances for resource allocations, it also has to offer a network of cloud servers for better performance. This provider has flexible pricing with pay-as-you-go and monthly plans.


Having website hosting for ecommerce websites and choosing the right cloud hosting provider is crucial for website success and performance.Consider your specific requirements, compare providers and prioritize factors such as performance, scalability, support, security and value for money. A well chosen cloud hosting provider will provide a solid foundation for your online presence. They also contribute to the growth and success of your website. You can also reach out to WeWP for cloud hosting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best cloud hosting provider for an ecommerce site is based on specific requirements but you can go ahead with the popular options like WeWP, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure for features like reliability, scalability and other features.

Hosting provider offers traditional web hosting on physical web servers, while a cloud hosting provider offers hosting on a virtual network of servers. Cloud hosting services also provide additional services also data storage and software applications.

The durability features that an e-commerce website should look for is automatic backups, data redundancy and disaster recovery plans.

The price of cloud hosting for ecommerce sites is not fixed. These generally vary on factors like the resources used and so on. They can range between from less than 10$ to over a 1000$+ per month depending on the requirements. WeWP’s pricing plans start from $10 monthly and $108 annually while going up to $105 monthly and $1200 annually.

The process of migrating your existing e-commerce website solely depends on the hosting provider. But if you choose WeWP, it’s a hassle-free process. WeWP’s team will take care of and guide you through the whole process.

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