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Building an E-commerce Store? Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Plans for Success

WordPress Hosting Plans for eCommerce Store
Saurabh Dhariwal

11 min read

Launching an online store has been made easier with various technological advancements. To announce your step in the market with e-commerce store development, e-commerce hosting plans play an important role. With e-commerce hosting plans, you enjoy the best features and capabilities that bring you great convenience to launch your online store. 

Several businesses experience slow loading speeds, inconsistent security, and unmanaged servers. When you choose best WooCommerce hosting from a popular hosting provider like WeWP, you get access to a number of features that simplify the process of developing an e-commerce store.

WordPress hosting options abound, so it’s no wonder that many business owners are having difficulty selecting the right fit for their online stores. 

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled the types of website hosting for ecommerce and other factors to decide on eCommerce hosting plans. 

Read on to learn further about website hosting for eCommerce that allows you to enjoy success in developing an e-commerce store.

Importance of eCommerce Hosting

Fast loading e-commerce store

Research indicates that visitors leave a site within a few seconds of loading. A fast-loading website or webpage requires a host that enables fast loading times and page optimization. 

Reducing load time by one second increases traffic and conversions dramatically. Managed WooCommerce hosting companies with the best reputations can handle the volume of visitors you expect. Additionally, if the server isn’t ready for traffic spikes, it could slow down the site.

Secure store

It is crucial that your business and eCommerce platform have proper security to build trust and credibility. Any business can start an eCommerce site, but it’s important to implement proper security before starting to sell. 

It isn’t enough to just have a button that collects credit card information. Therefore, it is crucial to count on managed WooCommerce hosting to develop secure store.

Eliminate the chances of downtime on websites

If your site is unavailable, customers cannot make purchases or interact with your platform. If they decide to purchase elsewhere, they may leave the site. Lost revenue can result from even an hour of downtime. The site might go down because of planned maintenance schedules by some eCommerce hosting platforms. 

Depending on when this maintenance is performed, sales may be lost at some times due to site activity. It’s helpful to keep an eye on this schedule to know when maintenance should be performed well and to keep the site from going down too often. Choose the best WooCommerce hosting from a reliable hosting provider to reduce the possibility of website downtime.

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Types of WordPress Hosting for eCommerce

It is crucial to understand the types of eCommerce hosting platforms before considering web hosting for e-commerce sites. Find out which options are the best solutions for WordPress for eCommerce and compare them.

  1. Shared hosting

Shared WordPress eCommerce hosting platforms mean you do not retain the complete power of your hosting plan. It means sharing resources such as processor power, disk space, and bandwidth with various websites on the same server. With shared WordPress for eCommerce, all websites use the same resources to operate.

Shared hosting is suitable for Ecommerce stores with limited budgets and suits best for small businesses or businesses with less traffic and resources. 

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

Virtual private server is another great WordPress hosting solution for E-Commerce businesses. It is formed by dividing the physical server into multiple virtual servers. With this hosting solution, users can conveniently host their websites on private and isolated virtual servers that operate independently. 

With VPS WordPress hosting, the resources of each server are specified to different users, allowing businesses to bring the best for their e-commerce businesses.

WooCommerce hosting plans from WeWP is a perfect solution for Ecommerce businesses that requires high levels of customization, control, and power.

  1. Dedicated Server hosting

Dedicated server hosting means businesses can enjoy their dedicated hosting solutions to host their eCommerce store. This means that every user will get exclusive access to all server resources. 

With the ease of management and high-security standards, dedicated server hosting makes it a crucial choice for E-commerce websites. It allows you to get complete control over the server environment and provides an efficient hosting solution.

  1. Cloud hosting

The concept of cloud hosting is the distribution of load and resources among many servers at the same time.

Thus, instead of using a single server, the service is provided through a series of interconnected servers. A combination of these servers makes it possible to host e-commerce websites and applications. 

WooCommerce cloud hosting solutions work well for all e-commerce solutions, from small websites to large-scale enterprises.

What to Look for in Hosting Solutions for eCommerce

Each eCommerce site has unique needs and sizes, making it difficult to choose the right WordPress hosting solution.

Even so, certain factors or criteria must be taken into account when selecting a hosting company.

Taking these things into account and reviewing them will help you find the right eCommerce web host. Let’s take a look at them.

Reliability of the server uptime

The Success of e-commerce business lies in offering 24X7 availability to serve customer shopping needs. Whenever your online store goes down, it can cost your business thousands of dollars in sales, based on the company’s size and the number of clients.

Therefore, when you choose WordPress hosting plans, ensure they are available at your service round the clock to address any concern. 

However, a WooCommerce hosting plan with a high uptime guarantee never lets your website go down and is available to serve your customer needs. 

Size requirement of online store

Choose a WordPress eCommerce hosting plan based on your business size, expected traffic volume, and audience demographics.

To win customers’ hearts and minds with your E-Commerce solutions that appeal to a global audience, choose a hosting company with a global data center, a powerful CDN, SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Traffic volume

The traffic volume of eCommerce sites is a key consideration when choosing WordPress hosting.

While you can scale your hosting plan at any time, it’s best to choose WooCommerce web hosting that improves performance, allows your website to grow, and guarantees 99.99% server availability.

Knowledge of technical issues

Hosting plans or types should be chosen based on your technical expertise or hosting maintenance comfort level.

A shared hosting account allows beginners to manage and maintain a server with ease. With managed WordPress hosting, there is little to worry about when it comes to server maintenance. Your web host is generally responsible for handling most of the tasks, which makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and experts.


Security is another crucial aspect of eCommerce hosting. To maintain trust and to comply with legal requirements, it is essential to protect customer data and transactions.

Ensure that the hosting provider you choose offers an SSL certificate to protect the data transmissions on your website. Additionally, it’s imperative to select a hosting provider like WeWP that integrates a robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Protection to safeguard against cyber threats. WeWP also provides automated backups, enabling you to efficiently recover from downtime or cyber-attacks, thereby ensuring the protection of crucial data.

Ecommerce features

Choose a web host with specialized eCommerce hosting features. There are several features you may find useful for your store, such as upscale product listings, order processing, seamless checkout, and global payment options.

Hosting companies that offer eCommerce features and functionality provide better hosting services and are more knowledgeable about online stores.

Hosting budget

When it comes to hosting, how much should you budget? To find the best WooCommerce web hosting, consider your hosting budget.

Additionally, you should consider other things that will keep your website running smoothly, such as premium plugins, themes, and other tools.

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WeWP: Best WordPress Hosting for eCommerce Website

WeWP is a top hosting company with various WordPress hosting plans for e-commerce that allow business owners to build feature-rich online stores. WeWP has hosting plans for all types of e-commerce businesses to exceed their hosting requirements. 

From shared hosting and cloud hosting to managed hosting, WeWP delivers the best solutions for e-commerce businesses to develop easy-to-use stores that engage customers. 

With WeWP managed WooCommerce hosted solution, you do not have to worry about technical complexity as the hosting company addresses the technical concerns. With WeWP hosting solutions, you get access to scalable solutions that allow you to scale your website as business and traffic grow. 

No more struggle to find the best WordPress hosting for E-Commerce, as WeWP is the best choice to meet your WooCommerce hosted solution requirements. 

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Selecting a reliable eCommerce hosting plans decides the success of developing an eCommerce store. WordPress hosting plans for e-commerce make it easy for you to develop an online store that tags along great features and capabilities, giving a simplified user experience. 

When it comes to choosing ideal WordPress hosting plans, WeWP is a popular company that offers a wide assortment of WordPress to WooCommerce hosting solutions to boost your store’s performance. 

If you are starting a new e-commerce business or scaling your existing store, WeWP can meet all your e-commerce hosting requirements. With WooCommerce cloud hosting, you can end all your stress of managing high traffic as hosting solutions can adjust to changing business dynamics. 

Contact us today and give a flight to e-commerce success with WooCommerce hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce hosting is the web hosting solution to build an e-commerce website where businesses bring together a range of products to customers at a click. This hosting solution usually comes with scalable capabilities that make it easy for you to scale your store. With e-commerce hosting from reliable hosting providers, you get access to impressive features that allow you to walk on the road to develop the online store with an easy to use interface that eases user experience.

Yes, it is the perfect balance of affordability and high-end capabilities for your E-commerce solutions. This brings an even more proficient touch to plugins like WooCommerce. With this, you bring together scalability, flexibility, and various other customization options all contributing to exceeding your expectations. With cloud-based WordPress hosting, you can easily scale your online store as the traffic shines. On top of that, you also enjoy advanced security with WordPress.

There is no universal cost to host an e-commerce website, as it varies with the complexities of features, customization options, traffic needed, storage required, and other factors. To take a rough estimate, it can surprise you anywhere from $10 to $100. The cost can continue to rise for E-Commerce stores that require high traffic.

WooCommerce hosting is primarily responsible for configuring the servers and advancement required to operate the store. WordPress hosting provider with lots of space for WooCommerce is the perfect solution to get your online store up and running for significant growth.

This type of hosting offers you fast performance, security, and scalability, which gives the upper hand contribution to the success of the online store.

Cloud based hosting solution is an ideal choice for building your E-Commerce store with the best performing features, security, and cutting-edge capabilities. These types of hosting solutions make it convenient for you to boost performance, transform security games, and count on scalability. With these hosting solutions, you can manage high traffic.

If you are looking from a cost perspective, shared hosting is the perfect solution for e-commerce. But the store with high traffic might not fit into shared hosting solution to exceed all your hosting requirements.

A hosted eCommerce platform is managed by a third party, offering ease of use, security, and updates. With self-hosted eCommerce platforms, managing their servers, security, and updates is up to them, making them more customizable and in control. Most hosted solutions come with subscriptions, while self-hosted ones require technical know-how and direct hosting costs.

Cloud based WordPress hosting solution is best for eCommerce websites. They handle high traffic, improve security, and give you more control over the server environment, improving your web browsing experience. If you need technical support and maintenance, cloud based managed hosting is a good choice.

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