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Cloud WordPress Hosting: Everything You Should Know About

Cloud WordPress Hosting: Everything You Should Know About
Saurabh Dhariwal

8 min read

Hosting sets the stage for websites to rule the internet age. The better you manage your website, the larger the chances for growth. To keep up with end to end website management, hosting solutions play an important part and ensure it is easily accessible. Well, there is no better option than a cloud WordPress Hosting solution when it comes down to setting your business up for growth and giving easy access.

Cloud hosting is an efficient type of hosting solution that includes the active use of a network of virtual servers located around the world to host a website. It allows you to adjust the number of servers depending on the website requirements.

Whether you are a small or large business, Cloud WordPress Hosting is the ultimate choice.

Here, we will cover everything you need to know about Cloud Hosting solutions.

About Cloud WordPress Hosting

A cloud WordPress hosting service provides enhanced scalability, performance, and reliability for WordPress websites based on cloud computing infrastructure.

With cloud hosting solutions, you don’t have to worry about single-server configurations. Site resources are distributed among several virtual servers, ensuring high performance regardless of traffic levels.

There are many advantages to using cloud WordPress hosting, such as automated scaling, redundant server setups, managed backups, enhanced security features, and 24×7 support. Cloud hosting solutions allow businesses to host websites cost-effectively and scale as the situation demands. 

What is the Difference Between Shared, Dedicated & Cloud Hosting?

Dedicated, Shared and Cloud-based hosting are different types of hosting solutions that give the stage for business websites to operate. All these web hosting approaches cater to various needs and priorities. Here is a glimpse of neck-to-neck differences between each web hosting solution: 

  • The shared hosting solution allows multiple websites to share the same server resources, which is perfect for small businesses with moderate traffic. If one server website suffers from high traffic or technical issues, its performance may suffer.
  • Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, allows users or organisations with full access to resources and setups. This type of web hosting might come as an expensive measure, but it is faster, efficient security, and has much room for customization.
  • In contrast, cloud hosting allows for scalability, flexibility, and redundancy through a network of virtual servers. A business with fluctuating traffic can use it cost-effectively because users pay based on usage.

With their high availability and uptime, cloud hosting is ideal for all types of businesses, but especially for those who require rapid scalability.

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What Features Does WordPress Cloud Offer?

WP Cloud is a WordPress hosting platform specifically designed for WordPress websites. This solution boasts lightning-fast performance, flexibility in scalability, and dedicated security.

Here are some of the features that make WP Cloud unique.

Fast, scalable network

WP Cloud is a highly scalable and reliable cloud hosting platform. Not only does WP Cloud perform well when faced with a spike in traffic, but it is also capable of handling extreme events. With its geo-redundant auto-failover system, uptime and performance are guaranteed within multiple locations.

Incredibly fast

By utilizing scalable PHP workers and the latest server technology, cloud based server hosting makes it possible for your website to handle more visitor and customer requests faster.

Built-in security with multiple levels

Security is one of the biggest concerns for WP Cloud. With cloud based server hosting, websites are isolated on the server using Linux namespaces and control groups, also known as cgroups. 

A Linux namespace restricts access to allocated resources to processes, while a group controls a process group’s access to resources. As a result, each website’s data is strictly separated from the data of other websites and users.

With WP Cloud, DDoS attacks, as well as benign traffic spikes, are minimized on other websites in the same pool by the use of groups and custom schedulers.

All-in-one managed hosting

The WordPress Cloud proudly manages all aspects of its hosting in-house. As a result, customer support is affected greatly in terms of quality and speed. It is important to note that popular best cloud hosting providers like WeWP have their support team delivering the best services on the move.

Team members work together to address issues and provide quick support as needed. By collaborating, WeWP can provide 24/7 support for every website.

Automatic updates

Cloud-based WordPress hosting offers automatic updates that allow you to move your WordPress website on the rise. This makes it easy for website managers to maintain up-to-date WordPress versions, themes, and plugins to keep the platform running smoothly and securely. 

Managing backups

It is crucial to back up your data regularly to ensure disaster recovery and data security. Using Cloud based server hosting, you can schedule backups automatically, perform incremental backups, and store your data offsite for secure storage and disaster recovery.

How is WP Cloud Different from Traditional Website Hosting?

WP cloud hosting is not only technologically advanced, but its team has extensive WordPress knowledge and experience, which makes it stand out from traditional hosting. Its architecture is based on this expertise, giving it a truly unique appeal.

A WordPress site is often hosted on a platform not designed specifically for the CMS. WP Cloud, on the other hand, is different. With WP Cloud, you can rest assured that your website is taken care of by a team of WordPress experts.

The open-source and community-driven nature of WordPress makes it a go to platform to meet the hosting requirements for the end users.

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Who is WP Cloud Right for?

WP cloud hosting users should be aware that they’re not, strictly speaking, its intended audience. It is primarily marketed to hosting providers, not to individual website owners.

WP Cloud cannot be accessed directly by website owners, but hosting providers using the platform can. Best cloud hosting providers offer website owners with access to WP cloud hosting infrastructure. Alternatively, WP Cloud is the engine that makes amazing web hosting possible.

How to Migrate Your Website to WP Cloud?

WP Cloud requires that you move your website to a popular hosting service, and WeWP is one of them. With WeWP, website owners can migrate very easily. The team at WeWP, among the best Cloud hosting companies can either manage your migration for you or you can use an automated WordPress plugin.

Following are some steps you can follow to migrate your website to WP Cloud:

  • Begin the process by collecting information from you regarding the database/code.
  • Once we have received the required information from your end, our team will take care of migrating the old database to the subdomain (yourwebsite.wewp.io).
  • Upon the completion of the code migration, we will share the subdomain site with you for your review and approval.
  • Once you are satisfied and approve the subdomain site, you will point your existing website to the IP address of our server, which you can see in your panel.
  • Once these steps have been completed, you may switch the subdomain to your primary domain through our control panel.


Cloud based server hosting is ready to shape your website performance, leading to better customer experience and better growth. The success of Cloud-based WordPress hosting depends on choosing a reliable Cloud hosting companies. When it comes to reliability and exceeding performance measures, WeWP can be the perfect solution, as they offer you a wide range of hosting plans that are sure to set your website up for high-end performance and growth. Whether it is customer support or high-quality features, they excel in all aspects. If you are looking to boost your website performance and scale, WeWP cloud hosting solutions are the best cloud hosting providers always ready to meet your website requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each cloud hosting service provider comes with a wide range of features like data recovery, security capabilities and so on. But choosing the best Cloud hosting companies in the market, like WeWP, always benefits you in delivering the best for your website growth.

Cloud hosting and WordPress hosting platforms differ primarily in server configuration. When you go for Cloud based server hosting, you ensure your server is always up and running without any chances of security breaches. Whereas, WordPress hosting allows you to access optimized resources specifically designed for WordPress installations.

When you intend to manage your website using WordPress, WordPress cloud hosting is a better choice. In comparison with general hosting services, WordPress cloud hosting plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of WordPress websites. As a result, you get access to the right server resources and gain additional benefits, such as automated updates and staging environments.

There are countless cloud WP Hosting solutions that cater to business needs, but you always want to get the best for your business. Therefore, choosing the best cloud hosting providers like WeWP cloud WP hosting is a go-to solution for enterprises looking to make the best choice for businesses to manage entire operations on a WordPress website hassle-free. WeWP’s hosting platform is reliable, and their support is amazingly responsive, so it’s easy to diagnose and fix any problem that may arise.

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