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Maximize Your Opportunities with Additional Domains

Handily add extra domains to your Managed WordPress hosting and expand your online presence.

Do you want to improve your online presence without the trouble of controlling and maintaining various domains? While WeWP offers a simple option to expand your current subscription by adding additional domains with Managed WordPress Hosting, you will find it hassle-free. This means that all of these relevant areas will forward the traffic to your primary domains, and when your clients visit you, they will be in for one whole experience. 

Once you add extra domains to your Managed WordPress hosting, you will be able to explore new things. Whether initiating new brands, focusing on other markets, designing beautiful landing pages, or just keeping your user’s stay, our platform makes it easy to manage.

How to Use Additional Domains with WeWP

  1. Log in to your WeWP Account and Access the Site Dashboard: Once logged into your WeWP account, go to the site dashboard via the navigation. 
  1. Click on ‘Domains’ in the Sidebar Menu: Find the ‘Domains’ section in the sidebar menu and click to start. 
  1. View and Manage Primary and Additional Domains: Under the ‘Domains’ section, you can see and manage both your primary and additional domains. 
  1. Click on ‘Add Domain’ Button: On adding a new domain, hit the ‘Add Domain’ button to get started on the process. 
  1. Add a New Domain and Verify DNS Settings: Enter the domain you wish to add and verify the DNS settings to ensure proper configuration. 
  1. Choose the Redirection Type for Added Domains: Choose the redirection type for your additional domains, whether you want them to forward the traffic to your primary domain or to handle it in a different way.
  1. Save Changes and Await Confirmation Notification: Once you are done with setting your additional domain and saving the changes make sure to wait for the confirmation notifications in order to double-check the completion of your setup. 

Implementing the above steps, you can effortlessly add and manage extra domains with WeWP’s Managed WordPress Hosting, expanding your online presence without any benchmarking.

But that is not all. An integrative approach would be to place all domains under one hosting plan; thus, you can keep the workflow on track and, at the same time, save overhead expenses. Say bye-bye to the hustle of managing your hosting accounts and enjoy the affordability of WeWP’s comprehensive solution. 

Are you looking to boost your online presence? Are you on a lookout for a capable web hosting service provider? WeWP is here to help you add more domains with ease today.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there is no limit to the number of additional domains you can attach, we recommend considering your hosting plan’s resources to ensure optimal performance.

No. Adding a new domain creates a separate website within your WeWP account. Your existing website’s content will remain untouched.

With its quick and simple setup procedure, the whole process normally takes just a few minutes to set up. After the configuration is completed, the traffic coming to the add-on domain will be forwarded to your main domain.

Your staging site is publicly accessible until security measures are implemented. To control access and Not at all. Our user-friendly dashboard is designed to make it simple, that way people of any skill level can add and manage multiple domains with ease. unauthorized viewing, users can enable Basic Authentication, effectively limiting access to the staging site.

Coming with the Managed WordPress Hosting plan is a flexibility feature of adding extra domains without any additional charges. You will appreciate the freedom to grow online without a ridiculously high investment.

Yes, you can remove additional domains from your plan anytime using the domain management feature of your dashboard.

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