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How to Get Started With WeWP for Composer-Based WordPress Hosting?

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Did you know hosting is one of the most critical aspects behind the smooth running of a website?

As WordPress hosting offers services that are optimized to run WordPress websites. With the right WordPress website hosting, you can get several benefits such as increased site speed, better security features, easy scalability, etc.

WeWP is a widely popular WordPress Hosting service provider. The managed WordPress hosting services are customized specifically for the website. Here, you will get features such as multi-PHP versions, a wide array of optimization tools, uptime monitoring, advanced caching, and more!

Why Choose WeWP for Composer-Based WordPress Hosting?

If you are wondering why choosing WeWP for Composer-Based WordPress Hosting is a good idea, take a look at these features:

Git Integration with Auto Deployment

With WeWP, you get effortless Git integration along with auto-deployment. It enhances collaboration, automates site updates, and notes the changes.

Multi PHP Version Support

WeWP offers excellent support for multi-PHP versions. It is easy to switch between the various PHP versions with no effect on the website. The effortless switch to different PHP versions leads to better performance.

Higher Uptime Monitoring, Security and Stability

Each second of website downtime equals massive financial loss. As one of the best cloud hosting providers, WeWP conducts constant uptime monitoring. The website is further fortified with enhanced security features to protect the site from malicious threats.

Automatic Updates

WordPress releases updates frequently, and keeping up with them is important. We provide a 1-click feature to update WP Core, themes, and plugins. The primary aim is to ensure the website is secure and running without problems.

Easy Interface

Having a WordPress website doesn’t mean that you must have technical expertise. However, using WeWP’s hosting services is easy. The entire credit goes to the user-friendly interface. Besides, you can always contact the support team if you are in a fix.


With advanced security features and robust solutions, WeWP is a reliable WordPress hosting company. As an industry-leading platform, WeWP empowers individuals and businesses alike to run WordPress websites smoothly with excellent Cloud hosting services.

Server-level Caching

With server-level caching, the website speed increases significantly. That has a massive impact on the visitors visiting the website. WeWP offers hassle-free storage of data, along with improving the user experience.

Automatic Backups

Website data is a critical source of information for the business, and it is essential to safeguard the data. The scheduled backups protect themes, content, plugins, etc. That way, restoring them is easy if anything goes wrong.

SSL Certificates

Establishing trust among visitors is essential to convert them into potential customers. For that, the website must have an SSL certificate. WeWP secures the WordPress site with SSL certificates for data encryption and privacy protection.

Free Website Transfer/Migration

With WeWP’s Composer Based Hosting services, you get free website migration or transfer services. It is easy to transfer the current website to WeWP’s hosting environment. Rest assured, the site won’t suffer during the migration.

Getting Started: Setting Up Your WeWP Account

Creating your WeWP account is easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps –

Step 1: Visit the Website www.wewp.io: The website is user-friendly and makes it easy for users to set up an account.

Step 2: Click on Login : You will be directed to a window where you can sign up or log in. You can also directly choose the option – “Try for free”

Step 3: Log in with Google : To sign in, you need to choose a Google account. If you have already signed in, enter the email address and password.

Step 4: Select Your Plan: There are different Website hosting plans available – Individual, Agency, and Enterprise. You can also choose whether you want to select a monthly or yearly subscription.

Step 5: Subscribe: In this stage, you will get a 30-day free trial. After that, money will be deducted as per the plan chosen. 

Step 6: Fill in Your Details to Complete the Registration: Ensure you give accurate information for a quick and seamless registration. After this, you get a confirmation popup for sharing your details.

Step 7: Pop-up from WeWP Team : Now, you will get a popup from the WeWP team that your details have been collected.

Step 8: Website Availability : Within 4-6 hours, your website will be available on dashboards.

Step 9: Successful Registration : Users will receive credentials for the WordPress backend of their subdomain site, such as example.wewp.io.

Final Thoughts

WeWP is a reliable and efficient Composer Based WordPress Hosting service provider, offering excellent managed WordPress hosting services. Optimized solutions, simple pricing, and an informative support team make WeWP an ideal choice for your WordPress website hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features such as Git integration with auto-deployment, multi-PHP versions, multiple optimization tools, advanced caching, auto-updates, etc., make WeWP the best choice for your WordPress website. The robust cloud hosting solutions increase the speed and performance of the website significantly.

Yes, you can migrate your existing WordPress website to WeWP. WeWP offers free migration services and ensures a smooth transition of the website to the new hosting environment.

No, you do not need technical expertise to use WeWP hosting. The managed hosting services are user-friendly, allowing you to manage your website with ease.

Yes, WeWP is suitable for small business websites and large e-commerce stores alike. The team offers effective support, and the feature-loaded cloud hosting solutions make it easy for you to run the website seamlessly.

The features you get from WeWP shared web hosting service depend on the plan you choose. Some of these features are – automatic deployment, server-level caching, multiple PHP support, automated updates, etc.

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