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How to Install WordPress With One-Click – WeWP

How to Install WordPress With One-Click - WeWP
Saurabh Dhariwal

7 min read

When you go on the internet and start searching, there are a lot of websites, and these have a lot of content in it. This content needs a system in which it can be managed and this very system that manages the entire web content is known as WordPress; and, it is also known as WP. The platform was originally brought into picture to publish blogs on the internet but over time has gradually extended its horizons to help publish other web content as well; some examples include traditional websites, mailing lists, membership sites, and so much more. This is available as a free and an open source content management system. Over the years, WordPress has also gained popularity in the segment of content management system (CMS).

WordPress is written in a PHP (Hypertext Processor Language) which is paired with MySQL and MariaDB Database. The popular features of WordPress include plugin architecture and a template system. Apart from storing content, it enables one to create and publish web pages as well. As per the functioning, WordPress can function in one of two ways – one where it is directly WordPress installed from the web server, or running the WordPress system package on your system. Or, you can always seek out managed WordPress hosting services provided by professional development companies.

To use this content management system, the first step is to Install WordPress; in this blog, without further ado, let us dive right into how one can easily install WordPress with a single click without any hassle and use it to the best of what it has to offer.  

Steps to Install WordPress with One-Click

If users are looking forward to going with an individual or Agency Tier 1 plan, they only hold the power to install one website. The process is easy, and you only need to fill out the form while registering. Once you are done with filling out the contact form for registration, you can finally view your website in your account. 

Whereas for all those users looking to purchase Agency Tier 2 and above plans, users can enjoy the benefits of installing more than one website. Here are a few easy steps to follow to install a WordPress website at a click:

Step 1: Users need to log in to their accounts using the credentials and gain access to the account dashboard. 

Step 2: On the dashboard, navigate and click the ‘add new site’ button to move closer to adding a website.

Step 3: Moving forward, users are required to enter the domain name. 

Step 4: You are almost done. Now, all you need to do is wait, and your website will be ready within 10 minutes.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website?

One of the frequently asked questions of all the time is “Why should we use WordPress?”. If not for the plug-in’s and the templates, WordPress has so much more to offer than just these. It has unique features and benefits of its own. We have listed a few reasons why it is popular and why we recommend you choose WordPress for your website.

WordPress is Free and Open Source

Out of all the paid sources that are there across the web, WordPress is free and open source as well. It simply means that one can easily install WordPress in their device and modify it according to their needs. You can use this to create any kind of website you wish.

Themes and Plugins Make WordPress Simple to Customize.

The majority of people using WordPress are not just programmers or developers with high coding knowledge. Infact, most of the people using WordPress are people who do not possess much knowledge about designing websites. For people who are from a non-tech background, this seems to be a perfect choice because you can choose from thousands of the free templates it has to offer. There is a WordPress theme available for each type whether it is a blog, an online store or even a commercial business store. 

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It is Amazing for SEO

WordPress is written using high quality code and has a very semantic set-up. This is the reason why WordPress-based sites tend to rank higher than the other similar websites in search engines across the web. There is also an added advantage here of having an option of additional SEO plug-ins that help optimize your website even better. 

Ease of Management

WordPress has an inbuilt update feature which regularly lets you update the latest WordPress plugins and themes or even the latest security updates. Whenever an update is given by WordPress, the user will be notified. The update is as easy as just clicking on a single button. WordPress also tends to communicate what these updates are so that the user is well-aware of what is to be expected. There are various WordPress Hosting plans that help you out with the same. 

WordPress is a Secure Platform

WordPress was developed with both safety and security in mind. However, in the practical world, the internet has a lot of intruders and hackers who want to get hold of as many websites as they can. But, the commendable security plug-ins that WordPress has to offer makes your website as secure as possible. It has to offer a wide range of security plug-ins that help protect from attacks such as brute force attack or malware. Incase of any difficulties with installing any of the security plug-ins, there are various WordPress hosting providers that can help one with the security aspects of the website.


WordPress is one of the most widely-used and preferred platforms for the general mass for website development. For starters, no coding knowledge is required for people to develop websites here. Adding on, it is free, offers flexibility to customize themes across a website and offers security too.

For people who want to learn how to build websites using WordPress, there are a lot of free resources online and installation is given in detail right here in this blog. If any help is needed at any time, there are various WordPress hosting plans, WordPress hosting providers, and cloud web hosting providers like WeWP that can help you build stunning websites using WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not. WordPress is an open source software and is also free to use to your liking.

Any site that is built in WordPress, the ownership of it lies solely with the one who built the same. They are completely responsible for it and can do any changes that they see fit.

There is no requirement of any technical knowledge to build websites using WordPress. With the help of most hosting providers, you can easily install WordPress and start off with building websites.

WordPress is relatively easy to use and also beginner friendly. If one wants to dive deep into the features of it there are a lot of free resources on the internet that can help with the same.

Yes, one can always customize their website according to their liking with the numerous templates that WordPress has to offer. There are options of different plug-ins that help improve the functionality of the website.

WeWP focuses on a clean and efficient installation. By default, it doesn’t come with pre-installed plugins like Yoast SEO. However, after your WordPress site is up and running, WeWP’s user-friendly dashboard allows you to easily install and configure plugins like Yoast SEO with just a few clicks.

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