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Multi PHP Version Support & WordPress Hosting: What You Need to Know

Multi PHP Version Support & WordPress Hosting
Saurabh Dhariwal

8 min read

As technology progresses, so do user needs and software platforms. After all, the latest technology should be capable of solving evolving user needs. So, it should not be a shock that PHP keeps launching new versions. But, what should website owners and developers do? Well, this is where Multi PHP Version Support comes in and becomes a must need. WordPress hosting providers can use this feature to provide customers with several PHP versions. So customers can choose the one that is best suited for their website.

Multi-PHP Version Support offers several benefits and is an integral part of modern web hosting. Are you curious to know what this feature is all about and what its relation is to WordPress web hosting? Read the following article to find the answers to these important questions and build a seamless and efficient website.

Understanding Multi PHP Version Support

Several WordPress hosting providers, like WeWP, provide support for multi-PHP versions. It refers to the development of a web hosting environment. It can support many PHP versions at once. After all, several web developers use PHP or HyperText PreProcessing programming language. We recommend you choose a WordPress website hosting partner offering Multi-PHP Version Support. This will help you cater to different users and evolving technological needs.

It lets website owners and developers use it. They use it to ensure that their website works with old PHP versions. Website owners might need to choose an older PHP version if their website is old. This is for better compatibility. Or, they might have to pick a newer PHP version for better security and functionality. 

You can think of Multi PHP Version Support as a feature that removes the confusion of PHP version selection to some extent. This is because when your website environment supports many PHP versions, you can easily choose the version that best suits your needs. We recommend you choose a web hosting partner offering expert managed hosting services like WeWP. After all, the better the web hosting environment provided, the more PHP version options available and the better application you can build.

Benefits of Multi PHP Version Support and Their Effects on WordPress Websites

WordPress, like PHP, has different versions. Each of these WordPress versions have different PHP compatibility. Often, website owners and developers change or upgrade their WordPress versions. It is possible that the new WordPress version is not compatible with the older PHP version. Having a web hosting environment offering Multi PHP Version Support can help tackle this. 

Providers offering managed hosting services along with Multi PHP Version Support are able to address diverse application needs. This allows many applications built on different PHP versions to exist together without any hassle. Simultaneously, these WordPress hosting providers will not have to deal with PHP version conflicts.

Interested to know more about why website owners are looking for WordPress web hosting providers offering Multi PHP Version Support? Well, we have listed the top benefits of Multi PHP Version Support and the different effects it has on websites hosted on WordPress.

  • Seamless Development and Transition

When WordPress hosting providers offer Multi PHP Version Support, they enable developers to build and test the web application across different PHP versions. It also ensures that the website’s live environment is not disturbed on different versions. WordPress web hosting along with Multi PHP Version Support, can help developers easily migrate their applications on older PHP versions to newer ones. So, choosing a partner that provides well-managed WordPress hosting services and multi-PHP version support, like WeWP, can help ensure seamless development and transition.

  • Better Stability and Security

PHP keeps releasing new versions. As they do, it becomes more important for website owners to find WordPress hosting services along with Multi PHP Version Support. This is because each new PHP version comes with security updates. These updates can help protect and secure your application. 

With  Multi- PHP version support, website owners and developers can ensure that they get the best security possible while also maintaining compatibility with legacy code. If you are unsure about which PHP version would be suitable for you, you can always get in touch with an expert WordPress hosting services provider like WeWP.

  • Optimized Performance

Along with the security, newer PHP versions also have better performance. So, Multi PHP Version Support also allows developers options that they can choose to optimize the website performance. When your website uses newer PHP versions, it becomes responsive and highly user friendly. This is why a lot of WordPress cloud hosting service providers focus on offering Multi PHP Version Support.

  • Seamless Legacy Application Implementation

A lot of companies have legacy applications but the common problem with these is that they generally run on earlier PHP versions. When WordPress website hosting providers offer Multi PHP Version Support, the developers of these websites are able to keep their legacy code running. So, businesses can continue to host their legacy applications without having to transition to newer PHP versions.

  • Flexible to Client Preferences

Since managed WordPress hosting services like Multi PHP Version Support offer many PHP options that clients can choose from, customers can easily find a version that suits their application needs. This means that website developers and owners can easily tailor their development environment as needed and also seamlessly transition across different versions.

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Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider with Multi-PHP Version Support

Multi PHP Version Support offers many benefits to website developers and owners. After all, it helps boost security and the user experience of the website. This is why a lot of businesses are looking for WordPress hosting providers who can provide Multi PHP Version Support.

Although there are many such providers available in the industry, it can be quite confusing to choose one. You must ensure that your WordPress website hosting provider fulfils industry benchmarks and caters to many PHP versions. At WeWP, we have a team of quality developers who ensure that your website development environment caters to many PHP versions. With X years of experience, we are undoubtedly the best WordPress cloud hosting provider in the industry.

How to Check and Change PHP Versions in WordPress Hosting?

Now after reading this article, you might be thinking of upgrading your website’s PHP version. Well, you can change your website’s PHP to a desired PHP version quite easily using WeWP. WeWP offers users with a dashboard that allows changing the PHP version within a few clicks. Follow the steps listed below to check and change your WordPress website’s PHP version.

  1. Open app.wewp.io in your preferred browser.
  2. Login into your WeWP account using your credentials.
  3. You will find a list of all of your websites. Click on the website whose PHP version you want to change to open it.
  4. Navigate to the ‘PHP’ section which will be located on the left side. Here, you will find your website’s current PHP version.
  5. Click on the dropdown menu to check for a new PHP version. You can select the desired PHP version and click on the ‘Save’ button.
  6. Wait for the confirmation notification. And, that’s it! You have successfully changed your website’s PHP version.


Multi-PHP Version Support is indeed an important feature that top WordPress hosting providers should provide. After all, every website owner wants a secure and seamless website that offers a seamless user experience.

We hope the article helped you understand what Multi PHP Version Support is and why it is needed. Need help to make your website development environment compatible with many PHP versions? Get in touch with WeWP, the top provider of industry-level WordPress hosting services, and take the burden off your shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Newer PHP versions have better security and provide better performance. So, upgrading your website’s PHP version will ultimately help offer a better user experience.

In the hosting control panel or the PHP plugin info page, you can see specific data on your website’s current PHP version.

Different WordPress versions are compatible with different PHP versions. To get the exact information, refer to WordPress’ official requirements page.

Certainly, it is possible to hold more than one PHP version. We call this Multi PHP version support.

Certainly, you have the ability to easily change between different PHP versions for your WordPress site even after it has been prepared.

If your WordPress version is compatible with the desired PHP version, there is virtually no risk involved. But this depends on the exact scenario. Hence, we would recommend you get in touch with us and let us handle the risks (if any).

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