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How does WeWP Protect Against DDoS Attacks?

How does WeWP Protect Against DDoS Attacks?
Saurabh Dhariwal

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DDoS attacks present a significant threat to businesses and their online operations, posing a severe threat. So, what is the solution? This is where WeWP, a promising cloud-based Managed WordPress hosting company, comes in. This offers as an ideal solution for businesses, allowing them to enjoy the best hosting services to protect Against DDoS Attacks.

WeWP provides various hosting plans for WordPress to ensure your website get high uptime. They leverage advanced technologies and expertise to safeguard against DDoS threats.

With a strong infrastructure, ongoing monitoring, and effective mitigation strategies, WeWP protect against DDoS.   

Read on to learn further about ways WeWP protects websites against DDoS attacks. 

What are DDoS Attacks?

DDoS attacks are malicious attempts to overwhelm a targeted server, or network with high traffic to cause interruptions. They are launched from a vast network of infected devices, such as computers, IoT devices, and servers.

During a DDoS attack, resources are exhausted which leads to downtime and prevent access to authorized users.

Why DDoS Attacks are a Threat to Business?

A DDoS attack can cause significant damage to all types of businesses. Attacks like these can have far-reaching consequences beyond temporary website downtime. A DDoS attack poses a serious threat to businesses for the following reasons:

  • Revenue Loss: DDoS attacks can interrupt online services, making it impossible for customers to visit websites. When this occurs, businesses are affected by a loss of revenue, from e-commerce. Long-term inaccessibility of a website can lead to more significant financial consequences for a company.
  • Reputation Damage: When a DDoS attack lasts for an extended period of time, it can ruin a company’s reputation and damage customers’ trust. Customers who try to access its services may experience frequent disruptions or downtime, which makes them believe that they are unreliable. DDoS attacks can negatively impact a brand’s image and discourage potential customers from engaging with it.
  • Data Breach Risks: DDoS attacks may sometimes be used as a cover for more malicious activities, such as stealing data or compromising networks. A DDoS attack can distract the target organization from countering the attack, but cybercriminals can steal sensitive data utilizing network vulnerabilities. As a result, companies may experience data breaches, legal liabilities, and compliance violations.

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7 Easy Ways WeWP Protect Website From DDoS Attacks

  1. Removing traffic jams

With traffic scrubbing mechanisms, WeWP filters and analyzes incoming traffic, separating legitimate requests from malicious ones. During this process, specialized equipment is usually deployed to inspect packet headers and payloads in real time.

A DDoS attack can be mitigated by identifying and mitigating traffic at the network edge. The traffic scrubbing feature of WeWP ensures that the hosted resources remain available even during large-scale DDoS attacks, ensuring uninterrupted access for legitimate users.

  1. Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is crucial to WeWP DDoS protection strategies. An HTTP gateway inspects incoming HTTP requests and responses, preventing malicious traffic from reaching the web server.

Analyzing request patterns, payloads, and other contextual information can detect and block DDoS attack attempts.

WeWP configures WAFs based on custom rules explicitly designed for specific applications, minimizing false positives and providing adequate DDoS protection.

  1. Scalable Resources

With WeWP cloud hosting providers, you can dynamically scale up or down your infrastructure resources when DDoS attacks occur.

As the traffic load increases during an attack, users can quickly increase their computing power, storage, and bandwidth resources. 

In addition to scalability, cloud hosting solutions offer the flexibility to deal with DDoS attacks without sacrificing performance or reliability.

With its advanced hosting services and robust infrastructure, WeWP enables organizations to respond effectively to changing security scenarios and unpredictable attacks.

  1. Network Infrastructure Protection

The WeWP network infrastructure is critical to protecting against DDoS attacks. Its features include multiple network connections, traffic scrubbing centers, and DDoS mitigation appliances. These solutions prevent hackers from accessing websites by absorbing and filtering malicious traffic.

  1. Anycast Routing

The anycast routing technique uses multiple geographically dispersed data centers to distribute incoming traffic.

With WeWP secure WordPress hosting, your traffic is routed to the nearest available data center for a minimum latency and an enhanced network experience.

High quality and security focused WordPress Hosting for business can more efficiently absorb and mitigate DDoS attacks using anycast routing, which distributes traffic across a distributed network infrastructure. This approach minimizes DDoS attacks on individual data centers while improving overall host stability.

  1. Communication Protocols

WeWP implements robust communication protocols during DDoS attacks so that users can communicate timely and transparently. The aim is to keep clients updated regularly on the mitigation efforts, the expected resolution time, and any additional steps they can take to mitigate the attack’s impact.

WeWP hosting solutions allow companies to assure clients and demonstrate their dedication to maintaining service availability and minimizing downtime.

Aside from incident response support, they provide effective mitigation strategies to mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks.

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DDoS attacks are the most significant threat to businesses and WeWP is the go to choice for best cloud based WordPress hosting solutions with advanced security features to prevent business from DDoS attacks.

We offer the widest range of hosting services and never fail to offer businesses top-notch cloud-based hosting services that align with changing hosting requirements. Being the best hosting company, we come up with the best solutions that allow businesses to choose from hosting plans that prioritize security and shape hosting requirements. Contact us to give your business hosting solutions that shape security at affordable WordPress website hosting cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

The commitment to offering the best hosting services at an affordable price makes WeWP a reliable choice for WordPress hosting requirements. With WeWP, your website will rule the ground at a click and within minutes. The approach towards offering the best to businesses makes them a leading choice for WordPress site hosting requirements.

A denial-of-service attack can last hours or even days and can disrupt multiple systems simultaneously.

The majority of DDoS attacks are carried out by botnets – large groups of devices collaborating to attack at the same time. By accessing a website simultaneously, these devices overload the server and cause it to crash.

Yes, If your site has been hacked due to a DDoS attack, your security systems may have been taken out of commission by the attack, leaving it more vulnerable to hacking.

WeWP is a leading hosting company offering the broadest range of hosting plans with advanced security measures to protect your website from DDoS attacks and other threats. All the plans offered are backed with the best security protocols.

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