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Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting

Essential Security Measures for Your WordPress Website

WordPress has emerged as the go-to platform for website creation, powering over 40% of the internet. With its popularity, however, comes the increased risk of security threats. In this blog,…

Updated On 16 Feb 2024

6 min read

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Cloud Hosting, Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting

Not Secure Warning: What Does It Mean?

Are you automatically redirected to the http version rather than the https version of your website, and does it display a Not Secure message as soon as you open it?…

Updated On 11 Feb 2024

8 min read

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Managed WordPress Hosting, Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting

5 Common WordPress Hosting Problems and How They Affect

In the world of website hosting services, WordPress hosting has become increasingly popular due to its specialized features tailored for WordPress websites. However, like any hosting service, it is not…

Updated On 13 Feb 2024

7 min read

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