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What Is Composer-Based WordPress Hosting? What Are Its Benefits?

Saurabh Dhariwal

5 min read

Did you know WordPress powers 45.8% of all websites in 2023? Though WordPress is easy to use, there are various issues that can potentially break the site. These include wrong versions of plugins, issues with installing a specific plugin version, difficulty in replicating bugs for resolving, etc.

Here, Composer-Based WordPress Hosting comes to the rescue. Composer is basically PHP’s package management tool. It enables developers to install and manage PHP packages and libraries needed for a particular project. Composer is specially designed to ensure that the website uses the correct and updated versions of core and plugins.

Are you wondering if you should switch to Composer-Based WordPress Hosting from Traditional WordPress Hosting? There are multiple points of difference that can help in making the right decision. Ultimately, it is up to that specific project’s needs.

  • Code reusability: With help of WordPress with composer, there is no need to commit multiple external codes to the repository. However, in traditional WordPress hosting, you must commit codes for theme, core, and plugins.
  • Updating plugins and themes: It adding and updating WordPress plugin and theme is easy. It doesn’t affect the website in any way. On the other hand, traditional WordPress hosting makes it difficult to ensure that different environments are using the same WordPress core and plugin versions.
  • Maintenance: Its makes it easy to maintain updates in different environments. The risk of missing essential updates is reduced significantly. On the other hand, traditional WordPress hosting leaves room for error during updates.

How Composer-Based WordPress Hosting Works?

Composer based hosting providers work by generating a lock file from a list of project-specific dependency constraints. It allows a large team to work from various branches without messing up the project. The code is the same for all environments and for everyone.

Adding modules and themes to the project via Composer managed hosting services is easy. For that, you need to use “Composer require” and add the theme you want. With these commands, you can add the themes and modules to the composer.json file. Locking the version with the composer.lock will ensure that the same version is everywhere.

With Composer, installing WordPress core is simple and hassle-free. Besides, you don’t have to commit all the codes to the repository. Instead, you can use commands such as the John Bloch Composer fork for adding installers.

It works on updating wp content, themes, core, and plugins with a simple command. All you have to do is type – composer update and the command updates everything locally.

Benefits of Composer-Based WordPress Hosting

There are multiple benefits of Composer with WP Hosting. These are –

Dependency Management

For simplification of dependency management, choosing Composer-based managed wordpress hosting services is a great idea. It is easy to define dependencies by composer. lock with a committed file.

Code Reusability

Installation of the dependencies means it is now a part of the commit history of the project. Now, the code is the same everywhere, and there is no need to use multiple external codes for the repository.


With Composer-Based dedicated WordPress Hosting, you get autoloading, where you can load dependencies automatedly. There is no need for manual configuration, improving performance.

Ease of Maintenance

It is easy to ensure maintenance updates across different environments. That leads to a considerable reduction in security risks.

Collaboration and Open Source

When versions are stored in codes, developers in large teams can gain access to them without hassle. That way, everyone can collaborate together without unexpected or accidental overwriting issues.

Compatibility and Interoperability

Enhanced compatibility and interoperability are significant benefits of Composer with hosting. It leads to a more reliable and stable website experience.

Optimized Deployment

Optimized deployment ensures consistency in the development, staging, and production environments.

How to Get Started with Composer Based WordPress Hosting?

To get started with WordPress Hosting with a composer, follow these steps –

Open WeWP : Visit this website and learn more about the wordpress hosting company.

  • Use Google to Sign in: Choose your Google account to sign in, or if you have already, enter the email address and password.
  • Choose the plan: There are two options -Individual plan and Agency or Enterprise plan.
  • Payment: You get a free 30-day trial, and then the money is deducted. You need to fill in the necessary details to get the confirmation message.
  • Successful registration: Depending on the plan users choose, you will get the credentials.

In the registration form, the user can choose the region from the list available. After the server region is selected, the user can proceed further.


Composer-based WordPress Hosting ensures the steady and stable running of the website. It is easy to update WordPress core and plugin versions. Moreover, it makes it easy for large groups to work together in different environments without overwriting or causing issues. 

To know more about our robust Cloud hosting services, get in touch with us today!

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