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WordPress and Github: How They Work Together to Offer the Best Cloud Hosting Solutions

WordPress & Git Offer the Best Cloud Hosting Solutions
Saurabh Dhariwal

9 min read

With more and more coders out there contributing to open source projects on the internet, one of the most efficient ways to avoid confusion and deliver the best version to the users is by using version control. Globally distributed teams have rapidly adopted WordPress Development these days. Here, proper version control and code access processes are vital to the efficiency of the team. With the launch of different Git Platforms, such as GitHub or BitBucket, the WordPress development workflow has become much more convenient. 

While the idea of version control is not new, it is decades old. With popular tools, such as Git, being available in recent times, the idea and implementation of version control via Git is still daunting to a few users but nonetheless has advantages of its own to offer. Out of various essential tools for web developers out there, one of them happens to be GitHub. It is used to store the project’s database on its cloud based remote server. There are a lot of best cloud hosting providers like WeWP for the same; because of this, different users can track, manage, and change it as well anytime. Now, integrating WordPress and Github has contributed to an improved website development process and also made the team’s work more seamless and efficient. 

This blog will cover mostly everything about WordPress and GitHub Integration. We will delve right into understanding the basics of Git and WordPress and then how to seamlessly integrate the both of them and then we will get to know the numerous advantages of the same and finally what are best practices for this integration. Although, all of this can be done by a team itself, if need be one can always reach to some of the best cloud hosting providers around them. 

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a type of specialized type of web hosting that is very specifically optimized for websites powered by its very own WordPress Content Management System. It is used to cater to the unique requirements of various WordPress Websites by offering optimized environments and tailored features to ensure security, seamless performance and ease of use. 

In case of a nonspecialized hosting system, it optimizes its servers for general use and is not very specific to a content management system like WordPress. At its very best, WordPress hosting lays down the foundation for the WordPress Website to thrive. It goes far beyond the basic web hosting by offering various additional benefits and optimizations that are tailored to the WordPress Platform. The WP cloud hosting service has to offer pre-installed software, performance optimization, specialized support, and enhanced security measures. 

Introduction to Github

Let’s start by understanding the meaning of version control. It is a system that helps to manage changes in a group of files, like software development code. It stores all the versions of the project in a repository, which is also known as repo in short. There are mainly two types of version control, the first of it being centralized version control systems and distributed version control systems. 

Git, a short form for Global Information Tracker, is among the distributed version control systems that are frequently used. Normally, Git gets hosted on a distant web server. This aids in many people having access to the identical code and being able to work on it at once or concurrently. There are numerous Git hosting platforms, but amongst them GitHub is the most popular. This has additional features to offer over what Git has to offer. 

When developing a WordPress Website, one may need to edit the plugins, core files or themes. Although one can edit these WordPress files with a text editor, it is known to be a tedious process that is likely prone to a lot of errors. GitHub creates a version control that backs up WordPress Files. This also contributes to shortening of the entire development process, this allows one to immediately apply changes to the server. If one decides to use a cloud WordPress hosting provider like WeWP, it is all the more useful for the coder. 

Integration of WordPress and Github 

There are a few steps involved in the integration of WordPress and Git. It is often difficult and time-consuming to integrate WordPress and Git. Hence, a lot of website owners and developers reach out to WeWP, the top cloud web hosting. WeWP allows users to choose between composer-based and native hosting options. When any user chooses the composer-based hosting option, they get access to different inbuilt features like Git and WordPress integration. So, partnering with WeWP’s cloud WordPress hosting provides website owners and developers with seamless WordPress and Git integration.

Cloud Hosting Solutions for WordPress 

There are various cloud-based hosting providers available for WordPress; some of them are given below with their particular features, performance levels, and other features. Here are some popular options to pick from the best cloud hosting solutions available in the market.

  1. WeWP

WeWP is a popular cloud-based hosting provider that offers multiple options. Its one-click staging and server update features are convenient for those without tech experience. WeWP also provides automated and on-demand data backups, continuous server resource monitoring, and 24/7 technical support. In addition, WeWP offers different security measures to ensure your website and data remain protected.

  1. Google Cloud Platform

This is also known as GCP. This is also a popular cloud hosting company. Its features include scalable cloud infrastructure, storage solution and it is known to have developer friendly tools and it is also known for its high performance and global availability. This can support various plans from the basic level going up to the enterprise level of plan as well.

  1. Amazon Web Services

This is popularly known as AWS. This is known to be one of the top cloud web hosting services.The key highlighting features of this are that it is highly scalable and highly customizable. It is also known for its exceptional performance and reliability. This also supports various plans ranging right from the basic and going up to the enterprise level of plan.

  1. WP Engine 

This is managed by the WP Cloud Hosting. The popular features of this include daily backups, integrated CDN, free SSL and it also has to offer very friendly developer tools. It is known for excellent performance with high speed and reliability. There is also 24/7 customer support offered, specializing in WordPress. This happens to be one of the advantages of using cloud WordPress hosting services.

Benefits of Using Github in Cloud Hosting Solutions

There are various benefits of using Git in Cloud Hosting Services, given below are a few advantages that this integration has to offer. 

  1. Allows to Keep Track of Changes

A git repository always allows coders to track changes made to the base code. Every edit here is recorded and then the file is updated. Thus, providing a detailed history.

  1. Helps to Collaborate Seamlessly

Using Git Version Control allows multiple coders all across the globe to work simultaneously on a project. Merges and Branches are built into Git, so one can work on parallel projects and integrate changes seamlessly. 

  1. Provides Version Control for Code

Git is used to manage different versions of the code. Here when there is an option for branching, it allows developers to work independently on bug fixes or new features even.These can be integrated with the main codebase seamlessly at the end of these additions or bug fixes.


GitHub is a Git hosting service that allows developers all across the globe to collaborate and work on projects more efficiently. This platform has a lot of features to offer like tracking, version control and branching features. These features enable simultaneous and organized development of the same project. Integrating WordPress with Github will definitely improve one’s website development workflows. This above article has explored the steps of the same in detail. We hope this article has helped you with the process of integration of GitHub and WordPress, but however incase of any difficulty, one can always reach out to WeWP, the best cloud hosting solutions for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore few frequently asked questions about the integration of WordPress and Git.

Yes, Github works with WordPress mostly for the version control of the code. Besides, it also contributes to managing change in a code and helps effortless collaboration amongst the developers. There are a lot of cloud-based hosting providers that can make this process seamless for the user.

The best cloud hosting solution for WordPress majorly depends on one’s specific needs. But often, WP Engine and Kinsta are recommended as they provide specialized WordPress Support. It is also advised to use WP Cloud hosting services.

No, this is not possible as Github pages can only support static sites. However, one can always use Github to manage the code and version control for their WordPress Site.

To backup a WordPress site to Github, the first step is to initialize a Github repository to your WordPress Directory. Add a ‘.gitignore’ file to exclude unnecessary files, the commit the files and push them into a remote repository. This allows you to track changes and manage control of your WordPress.

Using Github with WordPress allows one to track changes, collaborate efficiently and manage versions of one’s code. This also contributes to enhanced workflow by providing a backup and a structured approach to development.

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