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WordPress Hosting Pricing: How Much Does a WordPress Site Cost

WordPress Hosting Pricing
Saurabh Dhariwal

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Developing a WordPress website brings many benefits to businesses, allowing them to offer products and services to customers at their fingertips. Just like everything, WordPress websites do come at a cost. This is where the debate of WordPress Hosting pricing begins, making it challenging for website owners to get an estimate for WordPress website cost. 

WordPress offers two platforms, WordPress.org and WordPress.com. To get a perfect estimate, you must compare WordPress hosting plans and pricing to determine the right measure that meets your needs. Various factors go into determining the cost of a WordPress website, but WP hosting plans are the most important part. 

From themes, plugins, and developer support, there are several things that may impact the cost of the WordPress site. So, how can we reach the right estimate for WordPress website hosting costs? 

Keep reading here. We will put together complete details regarding the WordPress hosting plans and pricing

Pricing for WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Most people always hold neck to neck debates between WordPress.org and WordPress.com pricing. So, let’s address the debate right here.

The WordPress.org site is a self-hosted version of WordPress, and users need to choose the hosting company to host their website. By contrast, all WordPress.com websites are hosted by individual hosts.

Due to this, both have different WordPress hosting plans and pricing. Firstly, let’s take a look at the pricing for WordPress.org.


WordPress.org is Free hosting which is self-hosted, the core software must be downloaded, and additional resources must be calculated. This Free hosting package includes domain names, web hosting plans, and premium WordPress plugins.

A website hosting plan costs between $2 and $30 per month. A domain name costs $1 – $40/year, while an SSL certificate costs $2- $1,000/year.

To keep costs down, service providers offer a free domain for one year, along with all hosting plans.

The end cost of a website is based on its complexity and size. If you are looking to develop a website for a blog or business website, it will be cost-effective compared to the cost of running a robust WordPress site, such as an online store or streaming venue.

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The Free hosting plan allows you to set up a website. If you wish to use WordPress for commercial purposes, you will need to subscribe to one of its paid plans. Pricing for WordPress tiers ranges from $10 – $70/month.

All premium plans include a free domain name and unlimited email support. A number of additional features are included with the Explorer, Creator, and Entrepreneur plans, including Google Analytics integration, premium themes, and live chat support.

The monetization methods offered by WordPress.com have several downsides. 

For example, users can only run ads through WordAds if they join their advertising program.

As well as affiliate links, memberships, and donations, WordPress.com regulates other forms of monetization. The monetization options available to WordPress.com users are limited.

With WordPress.org, your website can be monetized unlimitedly, giving you more control and freedom.

Costing for Different Types of WordPress Hosting

There are several types of WP hosting plan, and each comes at a certain cost to meet your hosting requirements. Here are different types of WordPress website plans to choose from: 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common WP hosting offered by the hosting company, and it ranges between $5 and $15/month. This is among the most cost-effective measures for hosting WordPress websites with low traffic. 

When you choose a reliable hosting company like WeWP, you get Low cost WordPress hosting, dedicated support and top-notch security features that ensure high-end website performance. They even offer one-click installation so that your website is ready to rule within minutes.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress-managed hosting is a hosting solution designed to give a stage for your WordPress website to operate online. It costs you $20 to $170/month, it may seem costly compared to shared WP hosting as here you do not need to look after the technical compliance. 

The hosting company will handle all the technical complications and maintenance and keep your website protected from cyber attacks.

Choosing a high-end hosting company like WeWP allows you to enjoy quality WP hosting plans that fit different budgets and needs. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting distributes site load among multiple servers in order to minimize downtime and balance site load. If one server fails, another will be able to keep your WordPress website running.

Cloud hosting involves splitting physical server resources into virtual servers throughout the cloud. It ensures a smooth-running website even when traffic spikes, increasing performance and uptime.

Cloud hosting is more expensive than other types of hosting due to its advanced capabilities. Choose best in class hosting provider like WeWP offering cloud hosting plans for $15-$40/month. They take pride in offering Low cost WordPress hosting which makes certain that you never go out of budget to meet your website hosting needs.

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WordPress: Is It a Good Value for Money?

WordPress.com provides a reliable stage for businesses to establish an online presence and offers the convenience to customers to access the products or services at a click. It is among the cost-effective ways to establish a powerful platform for businesses to build on to secure digital growth. 

No doubt WordPress.org is a free solution, but it has limited features that can even halt you to scale your business. Whereas, WordPress.com gives you open sky scale your business. 

By choosing a popular hosting company like WeWP, you can choose from the best WordPress hosting plans at a reasonable cost with the best technical support to address any technical issues. 

WP Hosting is a prominent choice that is definitely going to offer you the best value for money. It might cost you some amount, but by choosing a quality WP hosting provider like WeWP, you can continue to land into affordable solutions that are worth your every penny.

Don’t forget that WordPress provides the foundation for the long-term growth of your website. Investing today will also yield a return on investment tomorrow.


There are various factors that join the league to determine the WordPress website cost. WordPress website hosting cost is a serious step as it sets the root for the online presence. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable hosting company that offers multiple hosting plans under the roof, and WeWP is one of the leading choices for WordPress website plans. They are among the promising hosting service providers in the market with a significant range of WP hosting plans under the belt to step onto meeting your basic to advanced hosting requirements. 

From a dedicated customer support team to a security team, they have the best team, always ready to address your concerns. 

Take a step towards entering the online world with WeWP WordPress website plans. Contact us today for Low cost WordPress hosting, and your website will be up on the market within minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific answer to the cost of hosting WordPress websites, as it depends on the hosting plan, the type of website, and other advanced features. Still, you can be prepared to pay anywhere between $30 and $8,000 per year.

WordPress is no doubt free Content Management System that allows businesses and individuals to gain an online presence for their product and services. But if you look forward to getting access to premium plugins and themes, you need to pay for a domain, hosting, and a domain name.

Yes, free WordPress hosting is available through platforms like WordPress.com. WordPress.com offers a basic plan with limited features and a subdomain (e.g., yoursite.WordPress.com).

There are various hosting plans in market but when it comes to choosing best for WordPress SEO, WeWP fills the gap. It is a popular hosting solution ideal for WordPress SEO. With WeWP, you get fast loading times, a high level of uptime, caching, and automatic updates that are specific to WordPress. Their robust security measures and expert support ensure that your site will run smoothly and securely, which will improve SEO performance.

There is a wide range of efficient hosting options that allow you to host a WordPress website. But you need to choose the best that balances affordability and efficiency. That is why a hosting provider like WeWP is an ideal choice. WeWP offers the fastest hosting solutions for your WordPress website, impressive security features, and scaling solutions that align with your business requirements.

The quality of support, speed, performance, security, scalability, ease of use, and compatibility with specific WordPress requirements must be considered before choosing a WordPress hosting provider. Read user and review reviews to determine overall satisfaction and responsiveness.

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