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How WordPress Managed Hosting Saves Your Time?

How WordPress Managed Hosting Saves Your Time?
Saurabh Dhariwal

8 min read

Time is all that matters in the online world, where competition is taking centre stage. This holds true for websites, as it only takes a second for customers to swipe in or out of the website. How can you take a step towards saving time and engaging customers with your website? Counting on WordPress Managed Hosting is a way to go. It can save time effectively, giving your website a quick loading speed without compromising security. 

WordPress Managed Hosting service automates some tedious WordPress installation and maintenance aspects.

Let’s explore WordPress Managed Hosting to learn how it saves your business valuable time.

About WordPress Managed Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting involves handling the technical details of WordPress websites by the hosting company. This hosting solution gives business owners peace of mind that their website hosting is in the right hands and they can deliver hassle-free, secure, and efficient website experience to customers.

When you choose managed hosting services, many things must be taken care of, including managing WordPress, plugins, themes, ensuring security, and so on. 

When you choose a hosting service from a popular hosting company like WeWP, you can be assured that your website root is in the right hands. Whether running a blog or a corporate website, this hosting solutions are perfect.

How does Managed WordPress Hosting work?

Managed WP Hosting works to ease managing a WordPress website by rendering the range of service and support. Hosting providers manage such services’ automated updates, daily backups, and security features. Optimising performance ensures that pages load quickly and that uptime is reliable. Managed hosting services usually come with expert support that users can get when they run into technical difficulties.

Ways Managed WordPress Hosting Services can Save Time for Business:

How does managed WordPress hosting differ from other hosting options? With this hosting, your website will perform better, and you will have fewer problems. Here are leading ways counting on this type of hosting and how it can save a lot of time and streamline website performance:

Installation is faster

Managed WP hosting simplifies the setup and configuration of a new installation. While manually installing WordPress is not difficult, it is not fun. As soon as you download and upload the latest WordPress version, set up and configure databases, and upload your files to the server, your website will begin to take shape. This hosting allows you to install a new WordPress within a few minutes.

Streamlining the staging process

Installation is just the beginning of the time-saving features. The same principles apply to setting up a staging environment. How does a website staging environment work? Managed hosting services allow you to create a staging version of your website within minutes. Your staging site does not need to be configured manually. With the Managed WP hosting service, staging sites and live sites can also be kept in sync.

Backing up your site automatically

Backups and updates are both considered site updates. This is a vital step that is easy to overlook. This hosting plan automatically backs up your site, so you’re always protected. In addition to simplifying the process of restoring a site from a backup, this hosting allows you to recover a crashed site more quickly.

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Performance improvements

Web hosts are not all created equal. Managed hosting services optimize the performance of your site for WordPress. Having a slow database lookup or a delayed response time can slow your website down. Slow websites don’t convert. Shoppers will bounce off your e-commerce site before it even renders if you run a slower site. Milliseconds matter when it comes to site loading times. Hosting your WordPress site with a managed hosting service ensures lightning-fast performance.

Add-ons that impress

While WP managed hosting can undoubtedly help your business with security and top-notch website performance, there are several other advantages as well. Hosting providers would handle aspects such as client coordination and organizational communication.

Each managed WP hosting provider offers a different set of collaboration and workflow tools, so find the one that best suits your business and provides the best performance for your site.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider


The first thing you should consider is the reliability of managed WordPress hosting plans and it comes with high uptime. Your website must stay up both when search engines crawl it and when visitors access it. This is where considering uptime as the primary factor is important to ensure your website performs well. This WordPress hosting service that you choose must guarantee 99% uptime.


Choosing a managed WordPress hosting plan means ensuring top-notch security measures and procedures to protect their servers from malicious software and websites. A website infected with malware, phishing websites, or spam emails can adversely affect your SEO and drive visitors away. 

It is essential for a managed WP hosting service to be transparent about its security protocols. Regular malware scanning, hardware firewalls, and 24/7 uptime monitoring are all essential features.

Regular updates

When you use a Managed WP hosting service, updating WordPress might be more difficult than with self-managed. Therefore, the managed service will regularly update WordPress and all related software. On their website, you should find information about automatic updates. If you don’t get updates, move to another hosting service provider. Don’t let outdated software lower your search engine rankings and invite hackers.

Migrations and backups

WP managed service also makes backups more difficult than self-hosted. You need to ensure that the WP managed hosting service you choose backups your website regularly, such as daily or weekly. 

By doing this, you won’t have to deal with many WordPress plugins or buy WordPress to utilize its automatic backup feature. 

If you are moving your existing WordPress site to their servers, check if the hosting service provides migration tools. In addition, this will help you avoid headaches during the migration process.


Support is the major factor to consider when choosing a website hosting provider, as a website involves lots of technical aspects. By choosing the website provider with 24/7 customer support, you can rest assured that a dedicated support team can address your concerns.

Those who offer convenient support options like chat support,ticket features,  etc, make it easy for you to get in touch and address the problem. Besides being easy to get in touch, the support team must be quick with responding to queries and giving resolution.

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Managed WordPress hosting is an ideal solution for businesses operating on a small or larger scale. But all that matters is choosing a reliable managed hosting provider, there is no one better and more efficient than WeWP. They are the most promising hosting provider offering various hosting solutions that feature a range of capabilities to ensure your website performs upto the market. 

Even if you are out of budget, they have the best WordPress hosting plans that do not let you move out of the budget. Contact today and head to the best hosting that sets the tone for your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed WordPress hosting offers many benefits that will help your WordPress site run faster, more securely, and more optimally. This type of hosting plan includes essential administration services, including installing WordPress, taking daily backups, updating WordPress core, and maintaining the WordPress cache.

Yes, it is ideal for websites requiring high performance, security, and expert assistance, like business websites, e-commerce stores, and highly accessed sites.

Managed plans cover add-on services, so your managed hosting providers will investigate technical issues on your site. In addition, they will provide guidance regarding the matter. If you use a self-managed hosting provider, you will have to deal with these issues independently.

When you have a WordPress website that is moderately to heavily visited and does not have the necessary resources or technical expertise to optimize it, you should consider managed WordPress hosting. Choosing shared hosting is a better option for beginners with low-traffic websites and tight budgets.

It is possible to build a WordPress site without hosting. There are two versions of WordPress: WordPress.org and a free version called WordPress.com, in which you do not need to purchase your own hosting service to create a website.

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